Racquel Cavallaro - Art Exhibition & Sale 1-30 April 2021

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Art Exhibition & Sale 1-30 April 2021

Artworks by Racquel Cavallaro

As a painter Racquel’s interest is in articulating a visual response to what she encounters in her experienced environment.

I paint my immediate surroundings, the everyday world that I pass through, believing that we are bound by a sensibility to the landscape that forms us; that there exists in us an innate responsiveness to our environment, to our place of belonging, and that with this familiarity comes an understanding that cannot be gained in any other way...

As an artist in residence at the Whaling Station, Racquel’s inquiry began with the historical content and monumental past that is the Whaling Station, set against a backdrop of a magnificent natural landscape. 

And so, I began to paint just what was around me, and there seemed to me nothing more poignantly beautiful than the ordinariness of things – I painted the flowers in the garden, the beach that I walked on, the resident dog, the birds from the studio window; always looking to represent less the outward appearance, and more the inward movement of energy, the pulse of the subject... The painted images are observations, seen in passing, a personal account of life at the Whaling Station...

Racquel’s artwork will be on display and sale in our gift shop gallery from Thursday 1st to Friday 30th April.

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