Whaling stories come to life across the site

With the installation of new interactive solar-powered audio posts.

interactive solar-powered audio posts

Whalers’ voices will come alive for visitors to Albany’s Historic Whaling Station with the installation of new interactive solar-powered audio posts.

Our new audio trail shares information, memories and funny anecdotes from members of the Albany whaling community. This authentic interpretative approach allows visitors to connect and interact with the museum’s history, bringing to life the people who once worked here.

The interactive posts are positioned in key locations through the site to help visitors to curate their own listening experience.

This project has been made possible by the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS), which is administered by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Funding from the Australian Government provides grants of up to $15,000 in-kind support to not-for-profit organisations to help display and conserve objects of national and historical maritime significance.

Since the Scheme commenced in 1995, more than $2.1 million has supported 500 projects and over 70 internships.

Albany’s Historic Whaling Station’s mission is to “bring stories of Albany’s diverse past to life”, and this project utilises previously unheard content from our oral history collection.

Whaling in Albany has a strong place in the memory of many people – be it locals, visitors or past whalers. If you would like to add your memories to our archives, please our Recollections & Memories page or call our team on 9844 4021.

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