In from the tide, Art Exhibition

In from the tide art exhibition

On display in our Shop Gallery, Saturday 2 – Sunday 17 July.

An exhibition of seaweed and seashells found on Great Southern shores, by artistic collective Alex Gerrard and Nicola Thomas.

Artist – Alex Gerrard

Alex’s artwork is inspired by her affinity with nature. In particular, what is described by author Tim Winton as ‘land’s edge’ – otherwise known as the beach! Combing the coastlines of the Great Southern, Alex collects shells and seaweed.

Growing up near Fremantle, the Indian ocean was, like for many West Australian children, a playground of wonder and discovery. The natural landscape, rugged coastline and deserted beaches of the south coast is what lured Alex into local residency close to 6 years ago.

Alex becomes truly absorbed when beach combing. The patterns, the interconnected networks in nature and the sounds of the ocean are the origins for the artworks. The pieces she collects ARE the art. Alex considers herself a conduit when arranging mother nature’s gifts.

Each frame holds a unique offering, in from the tide.

Instagram: @shell.collective

Artist – Nicola Thomas

I am a local marine biologist who absolutely loves exploring the spectacular great southern coastline. I collect pieces of seaweed that have washed up on local beaches, which I then press, identify and frame.

I started creating these pieces to try to show people that seaweed can be more than just smelly stuff on the beach, but can also be beautiful and incredibly interesting!

Instagram: @southwestseaweeds

Facebook: South West Seaweeds

Albany Marti

This event is part of the Albany Maritime Festival 2022. Albany will come alive with an array of different events across the month of July, from food, culture, creative workshops, art exhibitions and more, there really is something for everyone during this year’s winter celebration.

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