April School Holidays

We are OPEN every day, including all Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays.

True or False Whale Activity

We are OPEN every day these April school holidays, including all Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays.

Plus, we have a great range of interactive exhibits onsite for all ages to enjoy, including our pop-up ‘True or False’ Whale Challenge, located inside our skeleton display. Test your knowledge and delve further into the marine environment to discover fascinating facts about these giants of the sea.

Thar she blows! The first whale of the season has been spotted. On Wednesday 6 April afternoon, a juvenile humpback was seen splashing around in the Sound near flat rock, right in front of the Whaling Station.

We have also seen large pods of dolphins recently and are keeping an eye out for the annual Blue whale visit, which is normally around mid-April. So you never know who might be coming past during your visit!

A whole day of discovery and adventure awaits you this April! 

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