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  • Dates: Saturday 16th January 2020
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)

Enjoy a morning relaxing in our Regional Wildflower Garden while being guided through a 1.5 hour yoga session with experienced instructor Racquel Cavallaro. Set within our Wildflower Garden this workshop will support your health and wellbeing for the New Year.

Arrive onsite from 7.00am and take a stroll through our Wildflower Garden, before the workshop commences at 7.30am in the Garden Amphitheatre.  

After the workshop, enjoy a healthy and rejuvenating breakfast at Whalers Galley Cafe, overlooking the pristine King George Sound.

Please bring your own yoga mat and towel/additional mat to place under your mat, as the workshop will be held on an hard outdoor surface.

About the Workshop

A core belief of Racquel’s practice and instruction is that Yoga is for everyone – you do not have to be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practice. 

Racquel draws from a variety of styles and influences to facilitate a Hatha based practice, working through the physical body, using both postures (asana) and breath work (pranayama). 

The asanas (physical postures) provide gentle to intense stretching, acting to lubricate the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, toning the nervous system, improving circulation and releasing tensions. 

Deep breathing techniques help to cleanse and nourish the physical body, connecting the body to its centre, directing the release of vital energy (prana) for physical and mental rejuvenation. 

Yoga helps integrate the mental and physical planes bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance and alignment, with regular practice building the bodies inner strength and natural resistance.

About Racquel Cavallaro, Yoga Instructor

Racquel has been instructing the practice of yoga for over 20 years, initially training in Dance at WAAPA, WA, where she was introduced to Yoga as a component of this training. 

Racquel has maintained a personal practice ever since, and continued to follow the course of this inquiry cross culturally, undertaking training and instruction in a number of yoga disciplines that included Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Sivananda, with a variety of teachers as they were presented.  

Appreciating the infinite possibility that was Yoga, and with the idea of maintaining respect for the practice without confining it to a single discipline, Racquel undertook formal training at the Yoga Institute of Queensland.  

Following this Racquel opened and directed her own yoga studio in the Goldfields, teaching classes and workshops in the Goldfields and surrounding remote regional areas. This included the development and implementation of a dance and yoga program with DADA (Disability and Disadvantage in the Arts). 

A 3-year period of teaching in Italy followed, prior to settling in Albany. Racquel has since maintained a fluid practice and instructed classes at a variety of Albany Yoga facilities including Twilight Dreams, SEA, ALAC, The Yoga Room & Saltacious.  Additionally, Racquel has taught school workshops (teachers and student groups), and taught a number of private classes tailoring instruction to pain relief, need and ability.

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